Funshion V2.3




Funshion V2.8

  • Operating system:Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7
  • Size:6.1MB
  • Date:03/13/2013
  • Language:Simplified Chinese/English
  • Type:Free Software

Requirement For System

  • Operating system:Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7
  • Decoder:Universal decoder package/Windows Media Player 10/RealPlayer11
  • Browser:IE6.0 or higher versions
  • Minimum system requirements:CPU:450MHZ
    Hard disk:1G free disk space
    Video memory:16M
  • recommended system requirements:CPU:P4 1.8GHZ
    Memory:512M or more
    Hard disk:1G or more
    Video memory:64M or more

Download older versions

  • V2.8.2 Build17『01/24/2013』Download
  • V2.8.1 Build35『12/26/2012』Download
  • V2.8.1 Build17『09/28/2012』Download
  • V2.8.0 Build50『09/14/2012』Download

What's New

  1. V2.8 [03/13/2013]
  2. Fixed the audio stream process error for part of the videos.
  3. Fixed the UI crash when playing a certain movie.
  4. Fixed the error caused by moving funshion player window.
  5. Optimized the funshion player, reduced the chance of play error.
  6. Optimized the tips and solution displayed after play errors.
  7. Restored the startup option for Win7/Vista, allow uses to manually change the option in the settings menu.
  8. Optimized the network transport.

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