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“If one software company exceeds Google in future several years, then the company must show itself in the field of internet video.”


Agitating times brings up great enterprises. Beijing Funshion Online Technologies Ltd. was founded by experts who are specialized in applied softwares and working in Silicon Valley for years and domestic elites on communications. They are committed to research and develop world leading technologies on streaming transmission, content search and release. Funshion will develop and operate the second generation of P2P internet platform. With it every user in different internet environment will enjoy streaming service of high speed and quality, and meanwhile the threshold of operating largescale streaming contents will be greatly lowered so as to make broad-band internet life more exciting.

We firmly believe that the future broad-band internet will become the best platform for P2P distributed computing. The application of P2P streaming technology will ease up the bottleneck of the industry chain of the whole broad-band content. Streaming server can support 100 or 1000 times of users through distributing a small quantity of data. In the meantime, we also provide a set of managing technology and supporting system to solve the defects such as difficulties in management, charge and quality assurance inherent in P2P technology.

Google has disposed over 100 thousand PC servers all over the world to manage 10% of information on the internet. If Google has reached the highest achievement in traditional B/S mode, then the next generation of internet technology and mode will take P2P distributed computing as core. Each node on the internet will free from passiveness and become an independent, manageable and serving one. Serving as a powerful supplement of server technology, P2P technology platform will integrate all calculation and storage capacities of billions of PC throughout the world such as information sources, database, softwares and equipment for obtaining information to become unparalleled powerful in history in the depth and breadth of digging and managing information.

This is a top difficult technological problem in internet industry worldwide. Experts from Cisco, SUN, Qinghua and Peking universities and internetmarketing elites constitute the Funshion team. Since October of 2005, after getting Angel andventure investment, Funshion has established a good software development process and a quality control system,developed an independent intellectual property P2P streaming media server and client FunPlayer and launched the first P2P VOD (video on demand) software compatible with BT protocol. Our core technology includes: NAT penetrating technology, P2P distributed management, P2P streaming optimization, server load balance technology, etc and we also own many technology patents. Funshion has the hitech enterprise certification in Beijing and get the support from the Zhongguancun Abord Students Entrepreneur Fund.

Now there are many kinds of compressed coding formats including RMVB of Real Company, WMA of Microsoft and some others like Xvid and OGG. After installed FunPlayer, please make sure that you have installed necessary decoders. If you don’t know what decoders are necessary, or you can not play because of decoder issues, please install ourrecommended Codec Pack. The links for downloading have been respectively linked to recommendation location of related softwares.

On the basis of the same goal and interest, Funshion looks forward to sincere and high efficiency cooperation. Let’s create a legend and build a bright future altogether!

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Technology Advantage

Funshion Online is committed to build an entertainment center where all can enjoy and shareabundant media resources with the next generation broad-band P2P streaming media technology.

Abundant Programs:When you are switching channels with a remote controller in hand, Funshion Online provides you with plentiful programs from cooperating TV stations, content providers and internet users to satisfy your taste in an allround way.

Quality Picture: when the low quality internet video programs are still dissatisfying you, Funshion Online technology is making full use of your broad band so that you can enjoy high quality pictures on the ordinary ADSL that are similar to traditional TV shows.

Search by One Click:When you face various programs and don’t know what to watch, Funshion provides exactly what you need to you at any time. Stable high speed: when you are upset about pauses during the gripping match, Funshion Online guarantees the smoothness playing with its 99.999% stable operating system to let you be worry-free.

To Show Whatever You Want to: when you are dissatisfying with uploading text and pictures only onto your blog, Funshion provides you a wonderful platform for free for you to to show yourself in video or audio. Just drag the mouse and click, you can be a “Super Girl”or“Good Boy”at home!


Technology Advantage

Compared with traditional streaming framework of Client-Server, P2P streaming plan provides an unparalleled operating edge. Funshion Online applies the next generation of broad-band P2P streaming technology, the principle of which is still resources sharing among nodes and integrate distributed computing and IP router technology to save both server bandwidth and CPU consumption. Funshion has independently developed player that supports online playing popular RMVB, AVI, WMV, ASF formats. Therefore, FunPlayer can achieve rapid convergence and seamless connection no matter how many users there are or how complicated the internet environment will be.